Stay in Japan

I would like to introduction about how to stay in Japan :)

1 First , stay at the hotel is popular.
but it costs expensive.
There are some business hotel, hotels for family like Hilton.....
names of Hotel and search website.
smile hotels
toyoko inn
★Apa hotelApa
★Toribago is a website which people can search some hotels of Japan. you can see many hotels at this website but they are expensive for young people.

write the name of city which you would like to visit, then search it.

2 There are some Camp parks in Japan.
we can stay there 0yen to around 1000yen per one night so it is so cheap.
winter is cold. I do not use camp park so I do not know about Camp.....
some camp parks have toilet, kitchen, shower, parking area for cars.
we should bring tent and some foods and drinks.
they are far , sorry.

3 we can stay at internet cafes during night.
one night costs about 1000yen to 2000yen. very cheap.
we can use shower at only internet cafes.
drink is free refill. DVD, comic books are free to enjoy.
Be quiet at internet cafe. it has toilet.
no bed. sit down on the sofa only.
I stayed there and it was really so cheap.

4 we can stay at karaoke room during night and it is cheap too.
it cost around 2000yen for one night.
there is no shower at Karaoke.
there is no bed , shower at karaoke.
it has some drinks, toilet, karaoke.
maybe you can sleep on the sofa.
karaoke=カラオケ in Japanese.
it is safety. but noisy. loud music of karaoke. maybe you can not sleep.....
karaoke kan

5 Narita international air port has some shower rooms.

6 super sentou onsen has some bath.
name of super sentou
★midori no Yu
and many.
sentou oyu

7 Capsule hotels are cheaper than hotels.
there is a capsule hotel in Shibuya where only lady can stay.its name is Nadeshiko in shibuya.
it costs about 3000 to 5000 yen for one night.
nadeshiko hotel for women only

8 you can stay at Japanese Temple it calls Syukubou in Japanese.
they offer Vegan meals.
But it costs expensive around over 8000yen.
syukubou temples
I have never stayed at syukubou so I do not know about it but it is safety and I can recommend for the vegan people.

9 stay at the apartment until 3months or more.
but I do not know about it. foreigners are dificult to stay some rooms.

10 about home stay.
I can not recommend you hitchhike and meet thru internet then home stay in Japan soon because some people have a big problem sometimes.
I will stay at the hotel if I will go abroad, so I wish you as same as my mind.
I recommend you to meet outside like cafes, shopping malls, restaurants, museums, event, disneyland, usj etc.

11 look for a guide book like Lonely Planet.

12 Minsyuku is cheaper than hotel, it is like B&B of England, they offer bed and breakfast.
I have stayed at Minsyuku when I was a kid many times, it was very good.
Ryokan costs very expensive so young people can not pay.
if you have any questions, please ask me.

subway trains in Tokyo